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Uprooting Anger

Are you mad all the time? Does freedom from anger seem impossible? What are your symptoms of anger? Do you explode in anger like a volcano? Or do you stew
Uprooting-Anger-Cover-250px over little frustrations, giving family and friends the silent treatment?

Anger destroys friendships, hurts those you love, and leaves a path of rubble in its wake.

Maybe you’ve been through courses on dealing with anger, attended classes, perhaps even sought professional help. Yet, overcoming anger issues seems impossible.

You need answers. In the Bible God says to put off anger, to get rid of it. He wouldn’t say that without giving you a way to do it. The Bible has answers.

You can let go of bitterness and rage. You can say good-bye to violent explosions and sullen silence. Overcoming anger is possible and Uprooting Anger shows you how.

In the Workbook You Will Learn…

  • How to Identify Symptoms of Anger—Anger issues show themselves in multiple ways. To overcome it, you need to recognize how you express anger.
  • The importance of Dealing with Anger at the Root—You can stop being mad all the time if you take care of the root issues of anger—hurt, pride, jealousy, guilt, bitterness….
  • Practical Ways for Overcoming Anger—To gain freedom from anger, learn through practical application how to apply God’s answers to your life.

If you’re tired of being mad all the time and are looking for a solution that works, or if someone you love is having trouble dealing with anger, learn how Uprooting Anger can help you identify issues and find lasting freedom from anger.

  • Take our FREE anger quiz to assess the impact of anger in your life.
  • Get a Bible study that will help you find freedom from anger through the power of the Holy Spirit and application of the Word.
  • Learn how Uprooting Anger can be used as a Bible Study in Your Church.
  • Learn how Uprooting Anger can be used to bring freedom to inmates and others in the correctional system.