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Uprooting Anger: Destroying the Monster Within

Tired of Anger? Find Freedom in Christ!

When you’re frustrated or hurt, it’s hard to know how to handle the anger that rises, hurting those you love, destroying friendships. Uprooting Anger helps you apply God’s answers for anger. The easy-to-understand workbook focuses on getting to the root of anger and helps you apply the solutions. Quit trying to cope with anger. It’s harmful to bury it. It doesn’t work to manage it—or even to let it out. Get rid of it. Uprooting Anger shows you how to identify the issues and get rid of anger at its roots.

Short, Practical Lessons

  • Offer hope for overcoming anger.
  • Deal with different anger roots.
  • Give matter-of-fact answers from the Bible, with steps to help you apply them to your life.
  • Include questions to help make sense of what you learned and do it.
  • Offer prayer guides, to seek God’s help, because the problem is too big to handle on your own.
  • Contain extra Bible references offering deeper understanding on each topic.

Learn How to Deal with the Roots of Anger

  • Unforgiveness and bitterness poison your life with cesspools that breed anger. You can learn to forgive others and overcome bitterness and anger.
  • Hurts and frustrations don’t have to turn into major conflict. Learn to deal with frustration and find healing for hurts.
  • Hidden sin and guilt lead to blame and seething anger. Find freedom from guilt and stop damaging others when you’re angry at yourself.
  • You can be transformed by replacing anger with love and taking care of anger issues that lurk within.

Lasting Freedom from Anger

I’m not quick to get angered as I once was, and I take a quick inventory of what the problem is and how I should handle it. Thank you. —Michael P. of Florida.

Do you want to deal with frustration and find freedom? Do you want to learn to forgive, but aren’t sure how to let go of hurt? Are you tired of your anger issues damaging friendships, hurting loved ones, and filling others with fear? Deal with anger God’s way. Through this study, God can change your life, making it possible to build healthy relationships with those you love.