Robert & Kay Camenisch encouraging and equipping relationships


We are so accustomed to signs that we don’t realize how much they dictate our actions. They tell us where we are, when to stop or yield, how fast we should go, and where to turn. They tell us where to buy doughnuts or clothing, where to spend the night, how much gas costs, or where…

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Watch Your Words

In a short video of a niece learning to say Mama, the camera was focused on the child, but you could hear her mother in the background saying, “Say Mama.” After a bit of encouragement, Eva finally said a very clear, “Maaa Maa” She then glowed under her mother’s praise. One little word brought great…

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An Apple a Day

Our neighbors have a June apple tree in their back yard. They’re generous folks and allow us to take all the apples we want, and they’ve never complained about the occasional apple pie that comes back their way. The one disadvantage is that they aren’t serious about growing apples. To them it’s mostly an ornamental tree, so…

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