Robert & Kay Camenisch encouraging and equipping relationships

Blood Covenant Seminar

1: The Covenant Ritual

Explains the steps of the ancient ritual and explores the evidence of the ritual as God made a covenant with Abraham in Genesis.

2: Abraham Learns to Walk in Covenant

Abraham’s life is studied to help identify the struggles of learning to walk in covenant.

3: Moses Learns that God is With Him

The life of Moses is studied to see how he moved from being a man of fear and anger, to a man who knew that God was with him.

4: God Proves Faithful to His People

God demonstrated covenant faithfulness to Abraham in His dealings with his descendents. The Lord not only provided for and protected the Israelites, he also renewed the covenant with the nation.

5: David—A Man Who Understood Covenant

Through the story of David and Goliath, we see how faith in a covenant God leads to victory in an impossible situation. It also led to an unlikely covenant between a shepherd and a prince.

6: An Ungodly Covenant

When Israel made a covenant with the Gibeonites, it was against God’s wishes and led to terrible consequences. Distinctions between a godly and an ungodly covenant are explored, with application for today, and guidelines for breaking ungodly covenants.

7: David Shows Covenant Faithfulness

The outworking of the covenant David cut with Jonathan is demonstrated in David’s love and care for Mephibosheth. Through this story we see the picture of Christ as He gave His all for dead dogs like us.

8: The New Covenant

Following the seven exchanges of the covenant ritual, we will discover what is new about the New Covenant: the spirit and the law within our hearts empower us to walk in fellowship with our covenant God.

(Certain sessions can be combined or omitted to make the seminar shorter if necessary, but valuable lessons are lost in the process.)