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Authors:  Robert C. and Kay Camenisch

ISBN: 978-1-942587-05-7,

Carpenter’s Son Publishing

6 X 9, Pages: 224,  Price: $15.99


Quick Description:  

The Great Exchange unlocks the mystery of the ancient covenant and its centrality to the Bible, revealing God’s commitment to love and care for His children.



The ancient ritual of blood covenanting is central to the Bible and is fundamental in understanding the nature of our relationship with God, but its meaning and significance has been lost over the centuries. We are related to God covenantally through Jesus Christ.

Understanding the meaning of the seven exchanges of the ancient covenant ritual deepens understanding of the relationship God desires with us. Learning the importance of covenant in the lives of Abraham, Moses, Israel, Saul, David, and more strengthens faith and gives a picture of God’s love for us and His commitment to those who are His.


Application to Christian Life Today: 

If America is to remain a Christian nation, it is time for the church to take action.The Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage confirms the recent Pew Research Center findings that Christianity in America is declining.

It is believed that the decline will not only continue, but will escalate. The need is urgent. It is time to strengthen believers to stand against culture’s pressure.

Robert and Kay Camenisch recommend a book that will fortify believers to help them stand strong in their faith.

The Great Exchange: Bound by Blood will help readers develop a personal faith based on a living relationship with Jesus Christ. It unlocks the mystery of the ancient covenant, revealing God’s commitment to love and care for His children, the nature of the commitment believers make to God, and what it means to walk in covenant with the Almighty God.

The Great Exchange describes and strengthens the readers’ relationship with God through Jesus.

  • It unlocks the Word, clarifying the meaning of key mysterious passages, making the Bible alive and exciting to the reader.
  • It ties the Old Testament/Covenant and New Testament/Covenant together.
  • It quickens fellowship with God by showing His love, commitment, and faithfulness to His children.
  • It deepens faith by illustrating His covenant faithfulness in the lives of those who are true to the covenant—our heroes of faith: Abraham, Moses, David, and more.

The Great Exchange is written for church members who desire to grow in faith. It includes:

  • An explanation of the seven exchanges of the ancient blood covenant ritual and the significance of each,
  • A study of the seven exchanges of covenant as revealed in the Bible through accounts of the making of the Old Covenant with Abraham, its renewal with Abraham’s descendants, and with the nation of Israel,
  • Lessons on men in the Bible, illustrating how their level of faithfulness to covenant affected their walk with the Lord and how it impacted their lives,
  • An account of the cutting of the New Covenant with Jesus Christ, how it differs from the Old, and what it means for Christians today, and
  • Study questions for each chapter that aid further learning, discussion, and application.




R & K Coffman


Robert and Kay Camenisch graduated from King College and have lived a life of serving God through mission work, church ministry, parachurch ministry, and elder care. Robert attended Columbia Theological Seminary (MDiv) and Reformed Theological Seminary (DMin).

They were introduced to the ancient rite of cutting a blood covenant while serving as missionaries in Brazil in 1975. A fellow missionary gave Robert a tape series, thinking it might answer concerns he had about the lack of enthusiasm and spiritual hunger among Christians.

Robert took the first cassette with him when he visited a church at Morro Agudo (Pointed Hill). He arrived early and climbed a tree at the top of the hill and listened to the message sitting in the crook of a limb, overlooking the countryside below.

New insights into the Word and heart of God led to spontaneous praise and worship. Robert saw more clearly who he was/is in Christ and what it means to be one with the living God.  As a son of missionaries, he grew up reading his Bible daily, but learning about the ancient ritual unlocked the Word, revealing amazing new insights.

Afterward, Robert angled all his seminary and doctoral study papers to better understand the blood covenant and how it related to assigned topics.  He continues to study and teach on covenant, and leads seminars across the United States and in Brazil.

Kay prayed for more than twenty years that Robert would write his findings in a book, even taping and transcribing sessions to help him get started. Meanwhile, research to help couples they were counseling, led her to write Uprooting Anger: Destroying the Monster Within, a Bible study for anger resolution, and an e-book, The Judgment Trap. Eventually, she and Robert worked together to write The Great Exchange: Bound by Blood.

Kay has also written an Easter drama, and been published in The Upper Room, The Lookout,, and more. She is a regular contributor to a weekly newspaper column too.

Robert and Kay joy in helping people grow in healthy relationships with God and with others.




“Kay Camenisch has penned a captivating and inspiring work for those who want to walk more closely with God. With that in mind, I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from The Great Exchange.”  —Eva Marie Everson, President World Weavers International, Author, Five Brides (Tyndale, 2015)


“Understanding the blood covenant ties the Old and New Testaments together in a way I have never seen before. I’ll never read the Bible the same again.” —Chris C., a student


“It is exciting to see how the blood covenant is an exciting principle that God used when giving Salvation to men! Before, I never knew that I was actually renewing the covenant every time I take communion. I am excited about this truth, and can’t wait to share it with someone else!” —Philip B., a student


“My heart and life has been touched, and changed . . . . The blood covenant . . . has affected my view of God, and of Christ’s sacrifice.” —Mary Ruth S., a student


“I have grown in my love for the Lord, my appreciation for what He’s done for me, and in my faith in a steadfast & Sovereign God!” —Kathryn G., a student


“I have become so excited about living in the Lord as a “blood sister.” —Ana K., a student


“I have, for so long, only felt like I could be God’s servant. He could be my friend, but I couldn’t really be His—I have nothing to offer…. That story [David and Mephibosheth] made me see that Jesus WANTS me as His friend, & I was more than slightly overwhelmed at that expression of my Saviors love.” —Johanna, a student


“I must admit that at first I thought I’d have a hard time finding application for my life from the blood covenant lesson, but I was just overwhelmed. The greatness of God’s love for me & what He’s done really impressed upon my heart.” —Casey F., a student


“The way the old covenant and new covenant relate and how the blood covenant works gave me a new understanding of my relationship with God—it’s exciting to have a picture of how I am one with God because of my relationship with his son” —Christy E., a student


“Understanding ‘blood covenant,’ as you have expounded it from scripture and living illustrations, HAS made a difference for me in my relationship with Jesus Christ. For example, the paradigm of David & Jonathan as explained regarding Mephibosheth powerfully unites my heart with my Savior. Communion has become more meaningful. The cross has renewed significance. Marriage is even more sacred, precious, and unbreakable. And God certainly has a covenant relationship with the Church and me.” —Gene S., a pastor


The Great Exchange takes a fresh look at the story of the Bible in light of the unifying and integrating theme of covenant.  Instead of applying a covenant lens or model to the Bible, the authors show how the covenant is the framework that emerges from and shapes the whole story of redemption.  The covenant structure running throughout the whole Bible brings all the parts of the story into meaningful relationship with one another, building up to the what and why of the Cross.

One of the interesting aspects of the book is the way covenant is described broadly within the context of the Bible and culture, even cultures up to the present.  Seven parts of covenant ritual are described, common in both biblical and extra-biblical cultures.  The Old Testament stories seen in light of the covenant actions and meanings take on a fresh focus and coherence, together with an intensifying build-up to the climax at the Cross.

The Great Exchange is a bit unusual, and hard to put into a tight category.  At one level it is disturbing to our Western squeamishness about blood, especially blood and religion.  At another level, it is a really non-complicated telling of the Bible story, a good survey of familiar stories, however, with a fresh consistency and depth of meaning.  This reader at least was pleasantly surprised by the connection of the biblical covenant with current cultural expressions such as “blood brothers,” “blood is thicker than water,” etc.  The meaning of a covenant commitment, of a deep bonding between two individuals, of lives joined forever gave new appreciation for the blood of Jesus for me.  —Paul B. Long, Jr. PhD, ‒Adjunct at Reformed Theological Seminary at Jackson and Belhaven University




Host:  Today, many young adults leave the church when they leave home. A common reason given for this trend is that the young people don’t develop a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our guest today believes he knows something that will help young adults not lose interest in God. In fact, he also believes it will also help seasoned Christians better know God’s love and build their faith and relationship with Him.

When Robert Camenisch and his wife, Kay, learned of the ancient ritual of making a blood covenant, the Word of God exploded with new meaning and their hearts quickened with deepened faith and renewed love for the Lord.  They have seen it do the same for others who are seeking to know the Lord better and grow closer to Him. They believe it will do the same for you.

We welcome Robert (Kay) to the show. Their book is called The Great Exchange: Bound by Blood.

Q: Robert, how did you become interested in the blood covenant?

Q: Talk about blood makes some people squeamish, why is it called a blood covenant?

Q: How is a blood covenant different from other covenants?

Q: I understand there are seven exchanges in the making of a biblical blood covenant. What is the significance of the number seven, and why so many?

Q: Why do you believe a blood covenant is central to the Bible?

Q: Can you give an example of how understanding the covenant made a marked difference in the life of someone in the Bible?

Q: You said your faith was deepened and your love for the Lord renewed through knowing about the covenant, can you tell us more about that?

Q: How is an ancient ritual relevant for us today?

Q: How can understanding an ancient ritual help build faith in God and love for Him?

Q: Before we let you go, we want our listeners to know where they can find the book.

Ans:  At or anywhere books  are sold.

Can be purchased in paper or for as an e-reader.



Robert or Kay Camenisch, 606-365-1219 or, or

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