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Inmates know they need help with anger problems, but they have given up. Use this anger management course to give them hope that they can change.

A former inmate said, “In prison the only acceptable emotion is anger.” Anger management doesn’t work, because anger simmers within, waiting to explode.

Inmates need an anger management course that will teach them how to let go of anger. Overcoming anger will make their lives more tolerable while incarcerated and will prepare them for reentry into society.

If inmates don’t receive effective help with anger problems, they won’t be prepared to rebuild family relationships, and will have difficulty on the job and in the community. Give them an anger management course that will help them experience lasting change.

Uprooting Anger is a faith-based workbook that offers hope and helps participants recognize the roots of their anger so they can understand why they get mad. If they understand the causes of their anger problems, they can deal with anger issues and find freedom.

This Anger Management Course Gets to Root Issues

Lessons covered:

  • Bitterness and how to forgive someone
  • Guilt and how to have a clear conscience
  • Replacing anger with love
  • Overcoming selfishness
  • Issues with authority and the need to be in control
  • How to deal with frustration
  • Letting go of expectations and rights
  • And more…

An Easy Format for Group Study

  • 31 Lessons are laid out for easy study and preparation.
  • A 13-minute video is available to use as an introduction.
  • Questions help offenders apply what they learn to their lives.
  • A guided prayer helps participants seek God’s help with anger problems.
  • A Spanish version is available for those who can’t read English.
  • Special reduced prices are given for correctional facilities and ministries.

Uprooting Anger—A Tool for Inmate Rehabilitation and Transformation.

This workbook is already changing lives. Inmates are discovering how to forgive someone and how to let go of anger problems.

All my life, I was controlled by anger and its damaging ability to infect my life and those around me. Thanks to your Uprooting Anger course, I’ve learned to recognize what triggered my anger and am better equipped to cope with it. Anger sabotages happiness and leaves misery in its wake. —Joel W., Florida

I can still see a difference in some of the men that went through that first study. They are changed men because of it. —Chaplain Glover
Walton Correctional Facility, Florida

Offenders need help with anger problems. Knowing how to let go of anger is critical for inmate rehabilitation.

  • We would like to make it economical for your ministry to take inmates through the Uprooting Anger study. To discuss special term for your group, call us at (606)365-1219, or send us a message.
  • View the 13-minute introductory video.