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Anger destroys families, and creates conflict in the community and church. Find help with anger in this unique Bible study.

Anger is not considered acceptable in the church community, so Christians hide their problems rather than seeking help with their anger.

Meanwhile, individuals are destroyed, families break up, and tension simmers in the church body, often leading to church splits. The church sits silently, rather than showing people how to stop being angry.

The world’s methods don’t work. Anger management does not bring true freedom because it deals with surface issues and depends on self-effort.

It’s time for the church to offer solutions that apply God’s Word and bring transformation.

Your church can provide people with God’s answers to help them overcome anger. This study of anger in the Bible is transforming the lives of people who were trapped in bondage to anger.

In This Anger Bible Study, Readers Will:
Learn what God says about anger—and what it means to have righteous anger.
Apply the Word of God to their lives—through thought-provoking questions and prayer readers will learn how to apply what they learn.
Learn to see rising anger as a signal of unrighteousness in their hearts—providing an opportunity to get right with God.
Seek God’s help with anger—because only God can bring true change.
Adapt Uprooting Anger for Your Church’s Needs:
The first lessons reveal God’s view of anger and offer hope. Each of the later lessons deals with a root of unrighteousness from which anger grows.

While the first seven lessons are foundational, if time is limited, other lessons to be covered can be selected to cover subjects that meet participants’ needs, such as: forgiveness, bitterness, pride, greed, hurt, control . . ..

We suggest that churches introduce Uprooting Anger as an 8 or 12-week course, covering the first eight or twelve lessons out of the thirty-one lessons in the book.

A second and then third series can be offered to continue the study.

God’s Answers for How to Stop Being Angry:
Kay Camenisch began searching for God’s solution for anger while she and her husband were directors of a residential treatment center for young men. She saw devastating anger in the parents of the rebellious children. As a pastor’s wife, she knew God had answers for anger problems, so she searched the Word.

Uprooting Anger takes participants to the Word of God for answers because His Word does not return void when it is applied to our lives. Consequently, people are finding help with anger and being transformed through the study.

“I’ve discovered that I have a problem with anger, and I’m using your book. It has really helped me, and I’m continuing to study it.” —Rhonda M. Virginia

Members of your church and outlying community do not have to remain in bondage to destructive anger. They can experience lasting freedom—and your church can offer the tool that will teach them how to stop being angry.

Bring this Bible study on Uprooting Anger to your church.

Robert and Kay Camenisch share their testimonies and Robert offers a prayer for groups who are beginning the study. View the video now.
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