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Combatting the Enemy’s Secret Weapon

We are at war. In last week’s post, Satan’s Secret Trap, we saw how Satan tries to destroy joy and peace in our relationships by stirring up judgment between us and important people in our lives. It is a major strategy to defeat God’s children. When we hold onto judgment, it grows in our hearts like…

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Snares for Today’s Christians

I’ve recently been increasingly aware of the difficulty of walking in righteousness–in healthy relationships with God and with each other. It seems the world is fighting to destroy Christianity with carefully aimed attacks against faith and obedience to God. However, our greatest danger might actually be hidden traps that could ensnare us. The attack against morality has become so…

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Overcoming an Evil-for-Evil Relationship

Our marriage was punctuated with conflict and strife. What happened to the peace and joy that we had enjoyed for so long? How had the seemingly never-ending sparring match begun? Robert and I no longer trusted each other for good. The thunderstorm raging outside as I write illustrates what our marriage had become like. Flashes of lightening…

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