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An Apple a Day

Our neighbors have a June apple tree in their back yard. They’re generous folks and allow us to take all the apples we want, and they’ve never complained about the occasional apple pie that comes back their way. The one disadvantage is that they aren’t serious about growing apples. To them it’s mostly an ornamental tree, so…

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Were You There?

“Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” I was blessed when a group of children sang this at our church on Saturday. They were mostly children that we bus in on Wednesday nights. For the most part, their parents are unchurched and many of the children are unfamiliar with Jesus, much less the story…

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Declutter: Make a Fresh Start for the New Year

What is your New Year’s tradition? We’ve been to a few parties and have participated in watch services of prayer and praise to bring in the New Year. I’ve also made resolutions, but haven’t done anything consistently enough to establish a tradition. However, with the change of the calendar year, I do look back to see what…

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