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Let the Light Shine

Jesus’ words are being confirmed today: “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” Luke 12:2-3

There are times when things seem to stay concealed for a mighty long time. However, lately words and deeds that seemed to be hidden have been shouted from the housetops so loudly that it’s nauseating. Sexual advances that were covered over in Hollywood were no surprise, because of the immorality that is depicted in the entertainment produced there.

Those revelations and the reactions to them have given women courage to report similar activity in businesses and in the halls of government. The uncovering of such hidden activity has likely just begun. I pray that it leads to a change in moral standards and greater respect toward others.

Similarly, reports of unethical and criminal dealings of government officials are being made that indicate deeds were intentionally covered up so they would never be known. And yet, they have been exposed and will apparently be investigated—and declared from the housetops.

I could give names and list offenses, but those things are not in my sphere to do anything about. What the constant news of such has done is remind me of the verses that warn us that things we do in darkness will come to the light—and likely be exposed for all in our spheres to see.

It’s reminded me of the times I sneaked an extra cookie—and got caught red-handed. And of the extra pounds that shout from the housetop my lack of needed self-control. There’s more, but I’m not ready to reveal my whole list.

But, whether our hidden deeds involve little, one-time actions; habits that don’t glorify God; or if they are life-style choices that twist and deny God’s Word, we are fooling ourselves if we think nobody will ever know.

Even if our neighbor never finds out about our hidden sin, the Lord knows. He’s deeply grieved because those things block fellowship with Him. They cost us deeply every day by keeping us from experiencing the fullness of life we could have in Him.

With young children, the experts say discipline for wrong needs to be administered quickly so the child will see the connection between the crime and the punishment. If that is so, I’ve often thought why the Lord isn’t quicker to expose things in our lives—or to “spank” us. With quick consequences, we might be more reluctant to sin.

Why is God so patient with us when we need discipline?

Could it be that He wants us to obey and to please Him out of love for Him, not out of fear? If He were always quick to administer consequences, would we see Him as a loving and merciful God? Would we relate to Him out of love? Or fear?

Yes, there is reason for fear. Genuine fear, because the Lord is all-powerful and is a jealous God. But He’s also a God of love. We don’t have to fear the One who gave His Son to carry the punishment for our sins.

But, if we choose sin, and try to hide it, rather please Him, there is reason to fear. His light will shine into the darkness where we hid those things, and they will become known.

As they are revealed, He is glorified because His Word is fulfilled.

The revelations are disgusting, sickening. And yet, as light shines in the darkness, exposing sin, I pray that people who have become acclimated to darkness will have their eyes opened, will see their need, and will be drawn to the Light of the world.

I no longer read the daily reports of one more person who has lost His job because of recent revelations. I’ve seen enough.

But I do pray that the Lord will let His light shine and that it will turn hearts from sin and darkness and direct them to Him.

What are your prayers in response to the wickedness being brought to the light?